The Green Flow is a concept architectural project focused on the Molinette area of Turin. Our idea, shared with a 11 architects team, establishes a shattering break from the current highly-crowded city grid, bringing wild nature in the area creating a dense urban forest. The project has been published on La Repubblica newspaper’s website.


This concept is about an expansion project we have been tasked by a school’s renovation commission. The project involved the use of a semi-temporary structure on an external area to satisfy the need for new spaces due to the growing number of students.


M1 is a student newspaper with whose editorial staff we worked in the graphics and management fields, including branding and logos, feasibility studies, technical training and support for the development and testing of the app for iOS and Android.

B.A.C. Competition

In 2014, we took part to the BEST Architecture Contest, a competition open to designers, engineers and architects, designing a 3D-printing lab workstation, using innovative materials while satisfying compliance with safety standards.


Smart Desk is a next-gen piece of furniture we made in 2018 that brings together modern design and technology. Its main features are built-in Qi wireless charger, cable management and an usb-c hub.