DEM Future Joins Picar As Tech Partner

DEM Future Innovates Automotive with Picar.
July 30, 2023
immagine di auto sportiva in origami

We are thrilled to share exciting news: we have just taken a significant step into the future of automotive as DEM Future innovates the Automotive industry with Picar.

We proudly announce our strategic partecipation into the capital of Picar, a startup founded in 2023 specializing in software solutions for dealers, distributors, and automotive manufacturers.

This collaboration marks a significant stride in the evolution of the digital automotive sector, an industry in constant flux.

The Picar team has distinguished itself with extraordinary foresight and the ability to tackle industry challenges, developing cutting-edge software solutions that are redefining the landscape of digital automotive. In our role as a technological partner, we aim to solidify this excellence by accelerating the adoption of advanced solutions that enhance operational efficiency and strengthen connections between dealers, distributors, and automotive manufacturers.

This collaboration is more than just an investment; it’s a fusion of skills and visions. The combination of DEM Future and Picar’s strengths positions us as catalysts for innovation in the automotive industry. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge technological support, contributing to shaping a future where advanced software solutions significantly enhance the operational experience for all industry stakeholders.

We firmly believe that this synergy is the key to driving change. The collaboration between DEM Future and Picar opens the door to new perspectives and opportunities in the digital automotive realm. Looking ahead, we are ready to face challenges and seize opportunities, reaffirming our commitment to being pioneers in technological innovation for the automotive sector.

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